Overview With the evaluation of industries and human life there is a need of automation in one form or other form in human life. However as things are getting more feasible, affordable and accessible, though we may not feel them as need, they are becoming more tempting to us and making their way into our […]

In last blog we seen how to load bootloader and upload program on a blank Atmega 328p chip. Main purpose of the bootloader is to enable your chip to be programmed using Arduino IDE. Once your chip is program ready we can use it in industry used PCBs. You have your use case, and so […]

Great to see what Arduino can do and how we can program it using development board. There are millions of possibility¬† which can be expanded limitless with different ideas and imaginations. People have done it already. There are many people who knows insides of electronics components and understand datasheets of them, build a circuit flawlessly. […]

In last blog we prepared internet connection for our beloved Arduino and made a quick test. In first introduction blog we seen how Arduino can collect data from temperature sensor. This blog is intended for connecting these two pieces with IoT featured website and create a sophisticated end to end application. So what do we […]

In last blog we have seen basics of Arduino and how to configure it to temperature sensor and log sensor data. As this was the only first step to initiate your Arduino to talk to sensors and it was only tip of iceberg. Arduino is much more capable to do than that, only our ideas […]

I was always very fascinated by the smart devices, microcontrollers but never thought to give time to try. Probably because I am not basically from electronics background and I do not have formal electronics education. So being a Software guy spending on these costly devices wasn’t been go to go for me. But recently Microsoft […]